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It's a form of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) in which a user interacts with a virtual agent through natural language messaging.

These automated interactions can be used to surface contextually relevant information, help a user complete an online transaction, or serve as a helpdesk agent to resolve a customer's issue, without ever involving a human.

“It isn’t about changing digital experiences but also about helping customers make decisions in a more effective manner.

It’s about an operational transition.”Adweek: How do you approach R&D and investment in innovation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) comes in many shapes and sizes.

No longer reserved for enterprises, small businesses can leverage conversational chatbot technology in particular for everything from sales and support to maximizing cash flow. For small to midsize businesses (SMBs), adding a dash of conversational intelligence to your organization is a great way to both drive customer engagement and help streamline your in-house operations with a contextual helper.

How do you use data holistically across Coca-Cola and with its brands?

It pulls up the beverages that are already in it with real-time inventory and presents that back to you on the mobile app as you’re standing in front of the vending machine so you can select from any of those beverages. So we’ve tested a little bit in that space (such as using chatbots in the vending machines), but haven’t gone as far as creating highly brand-centric chatbots. Frankly, we’re already focused on the voice element.

What we do is generally experiment with things, and when we think things have grown to the point where they could become what is considered a “best practice,” we then start to syndicate those business units across all of our marketers to make sure that the learning is moving as fast as possible.

And then ultimately, as they mature they become more commercialized, where generally we know everybody is adopting the same discipline.

When David Godsman joined Coca-Cola as chief digital officer nearly a year ago, his remit was to transform the traditionally brick-and-mortar business into a “consumer-centric beverage brand” for the digital era.

Godsman—who spent the past several years in digital banking at Bank of America before heading up the company’s payments and commerce unit—is the first person in the role for the beverage brand.

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