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It requires a great deal of honesty to tell yourself that you have video game addiction.It’s often treated as a sign of weakness to be addicted to anything, even though addiction is just the usual habit forming capabilities of our brain – gone too far.Tags: addicted to video games, addiction, addiction to video games, breaking video game addiction, game addiction, how to deal with video game addiction, pc game addiction, video game addiction, video games addiction I have no illusions as to why I first developed video game addiction. In video games, I could be the hero, the commander, the king, or whoever else my childhood fancy would want me as. Even in the case of fiction novels, you’re reading a predetermined story – whereas I loved open-ended games that let your choices influence the game world. So video games were always an escape from my boring, mundane, and most importantly socially stressful life. The video game world differs from more passive entertainment, such as television, quite substantially.

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Whenever I didn’t have some immediate task I needed to be doing (and sometimes even when I did), I would automatically default to playing a video game. I’m pretty sure I even felt depressed during the initial withdrawal period. The key is distracting yourself from your video games. Now look at your list and start thinking about things you can do right now.

Sitting in front of a computer or console all day is bad for your health, too.

Your posture, your hands and wrists, and your overall inactivity are all very harmful. And if you’re playing video games by looking at a ‘blue’ screen at night, you’re ruining your sleep cycle too.

Video game addiction is a problem when video games begin to take precedence over every other activity.

When the first thing you come home to do is play video games. When you spend your spare time thinking up strategies to beat the latest boss, or amass sufficient virtual currency to buy a new spaceship – then you need to realize that video games are more than just a passtime. You can walk away and do something else when you need to. The reason I’ve spent so many words describing the problem is that most people who are addicted don’t realize it.

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