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The video was posted on the Instagram account, Proper Tings UK where it quickly racked-up 632 views in one hour.

Autumn leaves have gathered beneath the car and it looks like the weather is reasonably cold as the men wear heavy jumpers and hats so it is believed that the video was filmed recently.

The machine is incredibly easy to operate and even easier to clean with the upper wheel of its grinder core simple to remove.

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While the De’Longhi is a simple burr grinder, it performs its duties admirably and is great for anybody still finding their feet with home-brewed coffee.

Buy now This blade grinder makes it here as it is great value for money.

Although a blade grinder may not produce the same quality taste as its burr or hand mill cousins, it does do the job on the cheap and does it consistently.

While many Britons will have unwrapped gleaming new household appliances as presents this Christmas, one retired couple would not dream of replacing their 88-year-old vacuum cleaner - which also spray paints, grinds coffee, and even minces meat.

Remarkably, the plastic-and-metal gadget, which does four household chores in one (although presumably not at the same time), was built in 1925 but is still going strong today and has never broken down.

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