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According to the menu, the chef’s recipe for solyanka was included in the “100 Best Recipes in USA” culinary book. Beef stroganoff, possibly the most popular Russian dish outside of Russia, was tender and creamy.

Funny enough, I can’t remember ever having beef stroganoff at home, but it’s always the one dish every foreigner knows.

A good cheburek, a pastry filled with ground meat and herbs, fried in shallow oil, should be crispy on the outside and contain juicy meat inside.

The misconception probably finds its roots in the fact that “na zdorovye” is indeed used in some eastern European countries.Apart from traditional dishes like herring under fur coat (layered salad with pickled herring and boiled vegetables), golubtsy (cabbage leaves stuffed with ground meat and rice), or solyanka (spicy sour soup with several types of meats), you’ll find dishes from former USSR republics like Uzbek plov (rice with lamb, beans, and raisins), Mongolian cheburek (half-moon pastry filled with minced meat), and Ukrainian salo (salted pork belly).Making a choice between so many options is almost physically painful.All the healthy components of fruits and herbs get absorbed by alcohol, so drink away!If there’s one place in the city where no one will judge you, it’s Russian House.

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